Riding Skills 101 and 201

Trail riding requires a different skill set – and mindset – than road riding. While pedaling along pavement, most of us don’t look at a curb and say “Whoa! Let me speed up so I can clear it!” – we avoid it.

On the trail, you will need to tackle obstacles head-on, so the basic skills you will learn can make a big difference in your ride!

Beginner classes start with a bike check to make sure your controls, saddle height, shocks and tire pressure are appropriate, and then move on to a basic assessment of riding skills. From there we practice:

  • Balance and positioning
  • Direction control
  • Braking
  • Gearing/Cadence
  • Trail scanning
Positioning is key to good balance

Intermediate classes include all of the beginner skills assessments, plus:

  • Front and rear wheel lifts
  • Level lifts
  • Small drops
  • Small jumps
  • Ratcheting