MTB = Empowerment and Other Good Stuff

What’s good about Mountain and Trail Biking (MTB)? Everything!

As a former road rider, I thought MTB riding was somewhat insane when I first started. I mean, there were trees, palmetto roots, sand, logs, steep uphills, steep downhills, rocks and sometimes even mud looming around every corner just waiting to knock me off my bike.

Learning how to navigate rocky terrain

What I came to realize is that it makes you feel pretty darn good about yourself the first time you conquer a feature that had always blocked your momentum. And that feeling translates over into every part of your life.

If you ride on trails, you will likely:

  • Feel a sense of community – road riders can be “snobby”about pace, (sorry, but it’s true!) – but the vast majority of MTBers are friendly and will hop off their bike to help you, or offer encouragement. I have met some incredible people along the way!
  • Lose weight and get in shape
  • Feel empowered. Navigating a rock garden = challenging – – – meeting with your boss = piece of cake
  • Disconnect from electronics and get outside. Your capacity for gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, foliage, animals and the sounds and smells of nature will increase dramatically.

We have all heard the saying “do it right the first time”. In addition to lots of other things, it also applies to trail riding. It is easy to apply road riding habits (like using the two middle fingered “bird brake”) that make controlling your bike more difficult on the trail. Take a lesson, get on your bike and ride!

@Glacier Ridge, LI NY