Why Do I Need a Skills Lesson? My Husband/Boyfriend/Friend Can Teach Me.”

I get it – I first rode trails with my (now) fiance. Looking back, there are some things that I just wasn’t ready to tackle, but I did them anyway because I wanted him to be amazed by me (which should never be a motivator when you are riding a mountain bike).

It wasn’t until I took a women’s specific skills clinic with @lindseyrichter that I realized men and women’s bodies are built differently and balance differently. If you’ve ever been told to “Get back!” on your saddle, you’ve unintentionally been given inappropriate instruction. Women carry their weight (center of mass) in their hips; men in their chests. While “getting back” works for men, for women it takes most of the pressure off the front tire which leads to loss of control.

Ridgeline@Balm Boyette

I recently watched a man trying to teach a woman how to ride the small, steep ladder at the JD Trailhead. His weight was shifted way back on the bike, his stomach just about on the saddle and wanted his female student to do the same. Women’s physiology makes that unsafe.

Why should you take a lesson or two?

  1. Your sense of confidence is based on how balanced you are on your bike. I understand that physics dictate balance.
  2. I know how to teach skills (which is very different just knowing skills) that I’ve learned from professionals.
  3. Sometimes, it’s just easier to take direction from an outsider. I know that I yelled/cussed at Bill up and down more than a few trails during the first couple of years of our relationship.
  4. I have never forgotten the sheer panic I felt on my first trail ride, and the sense of thankfulness that I “survived” each ride for several months after. I can teach you how to skip the “sheer panic” and “thankful for survival” stages.

My primary goal is always for you to ride safely and be in control of your bike. A ride should be fun and challenging, not frustrating or anxiety- inducing. The skills don’t take long to teach, but it is much easier to begin your biking journey with a good handle on the basics rather than injuring yourself and learning the hard way.